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Stop Online Stalking
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Online stalking occurs when a person becomes obsessed with another person on the internet, and attempts to scare, harass or intimidate their chosen victim whom they desire after. In other cases, the stalker may be attempting to forge a "personal connection" with their victim.

Often the stalker becomes attached to a person out of uncontrollable feelings of envy, jealousy, desire, attraction or another sense of inferiority which is known only to the stalker themselves.

Fuelled by delusions of a non-existent relationship, and hurt and unable to accept the rejection of their victim, stalkers will then begin campaigns of mass harassment of their victim as they attempt to wear their victims down over a period of years, as they try to force the victim to fall to the domination of the stalker from fear and exhaustion.

Whatever the reasons and motivations behind the stalker's actions, there is always one constant and consitant theme... the victim of the stalker becomes agitated and fearful, being distressed at the massive attention they are now recieving from a total stranger, and the total depravity of the mind of the stalker, and for reasons which are totally unknown, nor that have no basis in reality or logic.

The end result is always the same, with the actions of the stalker being so bizarre, unnatural, obsessive, and often alternating between messages of admiration to messages of vile hatred of their victims as the stalker continually cycles through their emotional highs and lows which are uncontrollable to them.

But the most disturbing aspect of all of this, is that these stalkers usually never even know their targetted victims. But for unknown reasons, the stalker has become obsessed with, attached and completely addicted to a stranger, and is acting out an often dangerous and delusional path of destructive behaviour, with the unknowing victim at the centre of their bizarre and unnatural obsession.

Which clearly marks the stalker as a person who is emotionally unbalanced.

Which makes the stalker very dangerous!

Not just to their victim, but also to themselves as they struggle and battle within themselves everyday over very long periods of time to take back control of their wayward emotional trainwreck of their feelings towards their victims.

Stop Online Stalking was created after I became the victim of a dangerously obsessed stalker on the internet. As always, this man is a complete stranger to me. And as I quickly discovered, this stalker was not only heavily obsessed with me, and my family members, but was clearly unbalanced and out of control of his emotional feelings towards me, but who's thought patterns, actions, words, and behaviour were so reprehensibly sick, so incomprehensibly vile, that I quickly learned that this man was not only completely deranged and dillusional, but was a form of EVIL I have never seen in my life before from any other person. This is one very sick man!

Despite popular misconceptions about what type of person becomes a stalker, the man stalking me is very wealthy, and is the owner of a very high profile Australian grass company, who began his psychotic stalking and obsessions with me after I accepted to display ads from his competitor on my website called The Lawn Guide. Yes, you heard right. This stalker latched onto me because I put his competitors ad on my website. And make no mistake, this man is truly as evil and psychotic as the worst documented stalkers. And when one considers its all about "grass" - its even more pathetic.

Stop Online Stalking is my way to share my story of what I and my family went through after we became the targets of one very evil man. I will not only be sharing my experiences of being the victim of a psychotic stalker, but also sharing where I made mistakes, and sharing information and resources to help as many other people as possible who have become the target of an online stalker. And finally, we hope to share information that will help the stalkers themselves to possibly seek the help they require, so they too can begin living a normal life again.

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The Golden Rules

when dealing with stalkers...
  • never meet with a stalker
  • never negotiate with a stalker
  • never react to a stalker publicly
  • never have contact with a stalker
  • never underplay the risk of a stalker
  • document and save all evidence
  • change "at risk" phone no. and email
  • protect your privacy and safety now
  • always obey your intuition
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Internet Stalking

Stop Online Stalking is a free community safety and information service. Our goal is to share helpful advice, as well as our own experiences of falling victim to internet stalking, so as to hopefully help other people who have also come into focus of an internet stalker.

This website is privately owned and written, with its sole intent to help others in their time of need. And unlike other similar websites, this site is not owned or run by drug companies, government agencies, police services, nor any other organisation which may have a vested or financial interest in attempting to provide similar services.

Stalking Facts...

Never give out your new address, or even suburb to any person or organisation at a time when being actively stalked. Stalkers often have contacts within many organisations, education facilities and more.

Important Information:

Stalking Information

The owners of Stop Online Stalking are not trained in legal services, mental health counselling or law enforcement, and we offer no services.

If you believe your life or safety is at risk, or if you require counselling services, please seek the immediate attention of law enforcement, legal services, or counselling services.